Southwestern Philosophical Society

greggAn association of scholars and philosophers founded in 1936. SWPS provides a forum for philosophical and scholarly research and originally served philosophers in the American Southwest; it has been for many years a national and international society. While SWPS does follow trends and methods that prevail in the world of Anglo-American philosophy, the Society is proud of its pluralism and its tradition of openness where scholars of all major traditions find their views and philosophical styles taken seriously.  

The present SWPS President is Gregg Caruso.

Younger Scholars Welcome

younger scholars

Respectful and spirited conversation is the Society’s path to healthy philosophical practice.The Society is especially interested in nurturing younger philosophers from all traditions and methodologies as they explore the issues that will motivate their thinking in their early careers.

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Southwest Philosophy Review

  • Southwest Philosophy Review

    The Journal of the Southwestern Philosophical Society

    Todd Stewart, Editor (Philosophy Department, Illinois State University)

    Southwest Philosophy Review is a peer-reviewed forum for philosophical inquiry that welcomes contributions from all philosophical perspectives. 
  • It is published twice annually by the Southwestern Philosophical Society and Illinois State University.
  • The January issue of each volume contains the proceedings of the society's annual meeting. Published contributors include Randall Auxier, Charles Hartshorne, Larry Hickman, Daryl Koehn, Hans Lenk, Tom Nenon, and Sandra Rosenthal. Membership in the society includes a print subscription to the journal as a benefit of membership.

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  • Upcoming open issue: Deadline: April 15, 2015